Are you an ideal candidate for the Global Talent Independent Program?

The Global Talent Independent Program (‘GTI’) is the Australian government’s flagship visa program that provides a fast-tracked pathway to Australian permanent residency. Established in November 2019, the GTI program was created to help drive innovation coming out of Australia. 

So, what kind of candidates are the Australian government trying to attract to lodge a visa application via the GTI program? Ideal candidates can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Successful business owners/entrepreneurs that have a proven track record of establishing and commercialising innovative start-up companies.
  2. Employees that hold senior management or executive positions for large organisations that are involved in innovative activities. 
  3. Employees that have a highly specialised skillset that is critical to the development of innovative projects. 

Professionals or academics that fall into categories 2 and 3 above may be eligible to obtain Australian permanent residency via the GTI program.

What are the requirements that need to be met to be eligible for the GTI program?

Target Sector

Those interested in applying for a visa via the GTI program must have experience working in one of the following industries:

  1. Resources  
  2. Agri-food and Agtech 
  3. Energy  
  4. Health Industries  
  5. Defence, Advanced Manufacturing, and Space
  6. Circular Economy  
  7. DigiTech  
  8. Infrastructure and Tourism
  9. Financial Services and FinTech 
  10. Education

Earning Capacity

Applicants also need to demonstrate that they are capable of attracting an annual salary of at least $158,500AUD.

Internationally Recognised Record of Exceptional and Outstanding Achievements

There is no specific definition for what constitutes an internationally recognised exceptional and outstanding achievement. It is also possible to satisfy this requirement even if only one achievement has been attained (i.e being a critical part of a new form of technology that has a wide-ranging impact such as a vaccine). 


GTI visa applicants must have a nomination from an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or organisation (i.e professional association or peak body) that has a national reputation in the same field of expertise as the applicant. A nomination is an endorsement from the nominator that you are good candidate to receive Australian permanent residency via the GTI program. 

Please note that there are more requirements that must be met to be eligible for a visa via the GTI program. We can assess your circumstances to determine whether you are likely to meet all the requirements to receive Australian permanent residency via the GTI program.