Why Australia

Quality of Life

Liveable Cities

Melbourne (2nd), Sydney (3rd), Adelaide (10th), Perth (14th), and Brisbane (18th) were all ranked highly in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2019 liveable cities report. These rankings are based on factors such as stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.

Peace of Mind

Personal Safety

Since 2008, there has been a consistent decrease in the victimisation rate for selected personal crimes, such as break-ins, motor vehicle theft, property damage, physical assault, and robbery. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (‘OECD’), the homicide rate (average number of murders per 100,000 inhabitants) in Australia is 1.1 compared to the 3.7 average.


Climate and Lifestyle

Australia has a warm climate and is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, and Uluru. The OECD has also consistently found that Australia has extremely high levels of air and water quality.


Strong Economy and Free Market Policies

The economy has had 28 years of uninterrupted growth and is currently the 14th largest in the world. In 2019, Australia’s business and investment opportunities were ranked 20th out of 190 economies worldwide.


Minimum Government Interference

According to a 2019 World Bank report, Australia’s political stability ranking was in the 88.57 percentile. Transparency International ranked Australia 12th out of 180 nations in its 2019 Corruption Percentile Index, and the 2021 Index of Economic Freedom found that Australia is in the 89.8 percentile when it comes to government integrity. 


World-class Learning

Australian universities are consistently ranked among the highest in the world, with 7 ranked in the world’s top 100. Which includes over 500,000 international students that come from over 140 different countries. 


World-class Healthcare

All Australian residents can access the public health system known as Medicare which provides free health care measures and low-cost prescription medication. Private health insurance fees are also covered under government rebates in some instances.

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