Highly Skilled Professional Visa

Someone who has a successful track record in a profession, the arts, academia, or sports. 

1. Subclass 858 Global Talent Visa (‘GT visa’)

2. Subclass 858 Global Talent Visa via the Global Talent Independent Program (‘GTI visa’)

Be an employee, self-employed, or both.

GT Visas 

1. Previous Record

This must include achievements that are internationally recognised as outstanding and exceptional. 

2. Prominence

Applicants need to still be prominent in their fields of expertise. 

3. Benefit to Australia

Either economic, social, or cultural. 

4. Employability

This includes obtaining employment or becoming self-employed.  

5. Nomination

From an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or organisation that has a national reputation in the same field of expertise as the applicant.

GTI Visas

In addition to the above, GTI visa applicants also need to meet the following requirements. 

1. Have Experience in a Target Sector 

  1. Resources  
  2. Agri-food and Agtech 
  3. Energy 
  4. Health Industries 
  5. Defence, Advanced Manufacturing, and Space
  6. Circular Economy 
  7. DigiTech 
  8. Infrastructure and Tourism
  9. Financial Services and FinTech 
  10. Education

2. Salary Requirement

Successful applicants can attract an annual salary of at least $158,500AUD.  

GTI Visa

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest (‘EOI’)
  2. Submit a visa application

GT Visa 

  1. Submit a visa application

GTI Visa – 4-12 months

GT Visa – 24-28 months 

  • $4,180AUD for main applicant
  • $2,095AUD for family members over the age of 18
  • $1,045AUD for family members under the age of 18

An additional fee of $4,890AUD is payable if an applicant over the age of 18 does not have ‘Functional’ English language abilities.

  • Translation fees for documents that are not bilingual or solely in English
  • English language tests fees (if applicable)
  • Professional fees for service providers (i.e lawyers, accountants, business consultants)

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